Avery Jennings
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Risk taker
A+ Student
Family & Friends
Family: Tyler James (step-brother)
Chloe James (step-sister)
Ellen Jennings
Bennett James (step-dad)
Friends: Lindsay (BFF)
Pet(s): Stan
Other Information
Interests: Time to take a risk
Get in with the cheerleaders
Talent: Juggling
Weaknesses: A chance to break rules or to take risks
Role-playing Information
Show/Movie: Dog with a Blog
Role player(s): Fiolet4eva
Portrayer: G. Hannelius

I'm Avery Jennings, risk taker, artist, and school lover!


I'm a super-smart girl with mad art skillz! I always try to take risks!


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Family & FriendsEdit

"About the character's family and friends"


"About the character's relationships" Dustin.


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Avery Jennings
-Studying for a really hard test!

 – "Love to draw, love to study, love to take risks! But hey, I'm Avery Jennings! :D"

What's up everyone?

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